Commitment to children

Commitment to children

We promise to devise activities for children of all ages, from infants right through to teenagers. And the cherry on the cake is that this comes at no extra cost!

Children club
Teens club

A team of professionals

From the age of 3 months, your babies will be cared for by our infant specialists. Qualified activity leaders will ensure that your children have the opportunity to share and explore, with appropriate supervision.

Teens playing music
A kiddy area
a French crepes party at the teens club

Qualified professionals to care for babies and children

Our specially trained nursery staff are on hand to look after your little ones, from as young as 3 months' old. With our qualified group leaders, your children will have a fantastic time playing with others and discovering new things while receiving the appropriate care. Three to six-year-olds and seven to ten-year-olds will make new friends while enjoying arts and crafts, sports or games, and even put on a show at the end of their holiday.

A bubble of freedom for teenagers and youngsters

Time to make new friends

Youngsters will have the chance to get to know one another right from the start of the stay with our intro evening. Parents are immediately forgotten as the youngsters plan their own holiday together - under the watchful eye of our group leaders of course.

A 'totally awesome' space just for them

Youngsters will be able to get together, within the holiday rental, in their own trendy area, with their own music, giving them a bubble of freedom. There, they will be able to chat endlessly about anything and everything in total privacy. And at the end of every evening, challenges will be set for the following day.

'Hype' sports and 'chilled-out' moments

With body-boarding, surfing, mountain boarding, downhill mountain biking, and hot-dogging..., there are endless possibilities to keep your teenagers happy. At their age, they love a challenge in a healthy spirit of competition. Afterward, they will enjoy camp-fire evenings on the beach or under the trees, gazing at the stars. Once again, life-long friendships (or almost) will be forged.

BoOt'Chouette, the new kid's mascot!

BoOt'chouette, the children's friend has just made his entry into the world of VVF Villages. With its big laughing eyes and its teen aspect, the holiday rentals' mascot will delight children as well as adults.

BoOt'chouette with children

Who is BoOt' Chouette ? Some holidaymakers have told they have seen him during their April holidays, but no one really knows the history of this funny character. That is why we have met him to learn more about him. BoOt' Chouette is a young boy descendant of the BoOtchouette's family. This rare species only exists at VVF Villages. Great friend of the chidlren, BoOt' Chouette is always ready to play. He spend most of his time : going on swing, spinning on a roundabout or taking part in step session near the swimming pool... He also likes playing all the sports available in the VVF Villages holiday rentals. Volleyball, football, table tennis and even mini-golf  wherein BoOt'chouette is very talented despite its large feet.

Among what BoOt'Chouette likes to do, there are also the relaxing moments spent at the terrace while sipping a smoothie or eating a "French crêpe". Contrary to his cousins the owls, our friend enjoys daylife and especially the sun. He likes simple pleasures such as playing board games with his friends or going for walks around the holiday rentals.

BoOt'Chouette in winter

BoOt' Chouette defines himself as the children's best friend, who feel the same about him ! That's how  he tells us his first feelings when arriving in one of our VVF Villages : "The children immediatly loved me. It may seem a bit prententious, but I have a good relation with the children, they love me ! As soon as they see me, they run toward me, they kiss me and want me to become their best friend! "
Real live-wire, BoOt' Chouette will be your children's new friend. They will have the opportunity to meet him in every VVF Villages holiday rentals from this summer and will also have the opportunity to drink a "BoOt' Chouette" cocktail with him ! For sure they are going to L-o-v-e him...

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