Holidays with baby

Holidays with baby

During your holidays take care of yourself and your baby...

It's great to be parents, grand-parents or young parents with VVF Villages!

Buggy fitness


Buggy fitness

From 15/06 to 29/06 and from 31/08 to 07/09 doing sport with baby is possible and it takes place at VVF Villagesfaire du sport avec bébé c'est possible et ça se passe chez VVF Villages !

Enjoy and share a privileged moment with your child  : power walk, stretch, muscular strengthening... and your toddler esconced in his buggy.

Chouett'On Mange
Kit bébé

Great, it's time to eat 

When they have 1 year old, children know what they want and like they meals to be diverse ! And during the holidays it is not easy for parents to plan a one-week meal. At VVF Villages with the "Great, it's time to eat" option, your toddler will enjoy nice courses adpated to their needs!


Full baby Kits

the boot that doesn’t close… not this year, thanks to the baby kit! Everythings will be ready at your arrival!  Baby bed, baby bath, high chair are at your disposal for free. Just remember to ask for them when booking.

Babi BoO
Free child place

Baby club et Kids club 3/6 years old

From the age of 3 months and until they have 6 years old, a team of profesionnals will take care of your little children in the Baby and Kids clubs. So do not hesitate to take time for yourself while your children are enjoying activities!

From 15/06 and until 07/09 activities for your toddlers will be offered on a selection of holiday rentals.


Free children places

From 12/04 to 04/07/2013 and from 01/09 to 18/10/2013, your children is our guest. Enjoy 1 free place for a child under 16 per family* for the purchase of a half board or full board stay.

Kiddy Area

  An area dedicated to children. Free access and under parental supervision, your children are welcomed in coloured spaces, specially decorated and furnished for them. 

Le nid de BoOt'Chouette

Special baby holiday rentals

* Offer valid for a minimum of 2 paying persons per holiday package. This benefit applies to the youngest child under 16 years old. The offer cannot be applied to the "Great, it's time to eat" option.
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