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Give VVF Villages gift vouchers

There is always an occasion to give a VVF Villages gift voucher: Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, Marriage… or simply for the pleasure of giving!

Real 20€ and 50€ vouchers, your friends will have the possibility to use the gift vouchers to book their next stay at VVF Villages!

20€ VVF Villages gift voucher
50€ VVF Villages gift voucher

To order our gift vouchers it's easy!

Write to:

VVF Villages

Chèques cadeau

63038 Clermont-Ferrand Cedex 1

Enclose the amount of the gift vouchers' value you want to buy by bank cheque (in euros) made out to the order of VVF Villages. Your gift voucher will be adressed to you by return of post. We can also adress, on your behalf, the gift vouchers directly to the recipient (give his/her family name and first name and his/her details). A receipt will be sent to you.

For further information, let us call you back for free.

The VVF Villages gift vouchers terms of use:
- VVF Villages gift vouchers are valid for 2 years from the date of issue.
- VVF Villages gift vouchers can only be used by the recipient to pay a stay bought at VVF Villages
- VVF Villages gift vouchers cannot be used to buy other services, in particular additional services (such as bar, restaurant, souvenirs, activites...) in the VVF Villages destinations.
- VVF Villages gift vouchers cannot be refunded or exchanged in any way, totally or partly, in particular if the value exceed the amount of the stays bought or if the stay is cancelled.
- VVF Villages gift vouchers belong to the holder and consequently cannot be replaced in case of lost or theft.
- VVF Villages gift vouchers cannot be subject to any discount.
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