VVF Villages' 100 guarantees

So many holidaymakers love VVF Villages because there they can enjoy a more human and authentic form of tourism, which is also more respectful of the environment too. This social, economic and environmental responsibility is part of our brand DNA, which you can now discover in our 100-commitment charter.

Commitment to our roots – At VVF Villages, we promise:

1 - to be faithful to the 50-year-old founding values, which make VVF Villages an inclusive holiday company.

2 - to only create holiday rentals in France, within pristine natural surroundings, or close to major places of interest.

3 - to promote holidays close to nature, by the sea, in the countryside or in low- and medium-altitude mountain areas.

4 - to always favour modest-sized holiday rentals.

5 - to offer quality holidays that are accessible to as many people as possible, thanks to their excellent value-for-money.

6 - to respect a full spectrum of diversity and differences in both VVF staff and holidaymakers.

7 - to continue to be the leading associative tourism provider in France by designing breaks for individuals, families, children, young people, senior citizens and groups.

8 - to cooperate closely with local municipalities, sports and leisure federations and social partners (works councils, subsidised holiday scheme VACAF, etc.).

9 - to ensure the collective governance of our association (i.e. municipal owners, social partners, sports and leisure federations).

Commitment to service with a smile - At VVF Villages, we promise:

10 - to have competent and welcoming teams in all of our holiday rentals to guarantee you a carefree holiday.

11 – to be attentive to your every request, from your first enquiry to the end of your stay.

12 - to give you a warm and personalised welcome.

13 - to offer an excellent standard of service, to all of our guests, all of the time.

14 - to provide opportunities to meet and share with other holidaymakers.

15 - to assess your satisfaction annually, in order to continue improving our services.

Commitment to enjoyment - At VVF Villages, we promise:

16 - to make your fulfilment our number one priority.

17 - to make every effort to ensure you are never bored.

18 - to provide swimming facilities (lake, river, pool), a multi-sports area and football and ping-pong tables at every holiday rentals.

19 - to provide easy access to all on-site or nearby sports and leisure facilities.

20 - to offer you a wide range of entertainment, thanks to a team driven by fun and laughter.

21 - to provide a help-yourself library and a large choice of board games for all ages.

22 - to offer you a wide choice of sporting and cultural activities, organised by specialists keen to share their passion.

23 - to offer a wide range of clubs, providing fun for all the family.

24 - to let you indulge in your passion through themed breaks (fishing, petanque, wine-tasting, etc.).

25 - to allow you to relax on wellness breaks (Tai-chi, Qi Gong, relaxation, spa breaks, etc.).

26 - to let you discover natural surroundings through walks and hikes off the beaten track.

27 - to organise excursions for you to discover the region's cultural heritage and terroir. .

28 - to organise at least one entertainment night every week.

29 - to ensure you have a good time, even in the event of poor weather.

Commitment to children - At VVF Villages, we promise:

30 - to provide special facilities for infants, from 3 to 36 months.

31 - to devise activities for children of all ages.

32 - to base our activities on an enjoyable, educational programme, encouraging openness to others and the world around us.

33 - to teach children about sustainable development and environmental protection.

34 - to offer teenagers the opportunity to 'hang out' with their friends in an area just for them.

35 - to offer destinations aimed exclusively at 4 to 17-year-olds with our Okaya holiday centres.

Commitment to comfort - At VVF Villages, we promise:

36 - to continually refurbish our holiday rentals as part of our major renovation scheme.

37 - to provide welcoming community areas – lounges, fireside areas and entertainment rooms -to encourage guests to get together.

38 - to guarantee your safety on a daily basis through health audits in our restaurants, systematic analysis of all water sources, and regular checks on play areas and sports facilities.

39 - to provide you with free wireless Internet access.

40 - to provide facilities for those with disabilities in our holiday rentals bearing the "Tourisme & Handicap" label.

Commitment to good food - At VVF Villages, we promise:

41 - to let you really put your feet up by offering you the possibility of full-board.

42 - to serve new, original and inventive dishes as well as themed meals and special buffets (pasta bar, salad bar, etc.).

43 - to guarantee home-style cooking prepared with good quality ingredients.

44 - to provide you with a personalised, attentive and friendly dining service.

45 - to let you try regional specialities.

46 - to plant fresh herbs at every holiday rentals.

47 - to offer special baby and children's menus at each meal.

Commitment to purchasing power - At VVF Villages, we promise:

48 - to apply affordable rates, so as to offer holidays suited to even the smallest budget.

49 - to adapt rates based on each household's family income.

50 - to grant early-booking discounts for certain times of year.

51 - to offer a range of payment options.

52 - to accept all forms of holiday financial assistance (family allowance, works council and welfare committee assistance, holiday vouchers, etc.)

53 - to support charities and families in difficulty through a variety of initiatives.

54 - to negotiate reduced rates with partners for off-site activities.

55 - to enable your children to enrol in kids' clubs led by qualified group leaders, for the entire stay, at no extra cost.

56 - to offer you at least one sporting or cultural activity during your stay, free of charge.

Commitment to local development - At VVF Villages, we promise:

57 - to play a fundamental role in the social economy.

58 - to ensure that every holiday rentals plays a proactive role in local planning and development.

59 - to promote the development of award-winning areas e.g.. Les Plus Beaux Villages de France (France's most beautiful villages), Station verte (Green resort), AMNSCT (association for protected areas of tourism and resorts).

60 - to work alongside and in synergy with local municipalities and regional authorities.

61 - to involve public stakeholders in the management of our holiday rentals (local councils, tourist boards, etc.).

62 - to maintain regular contact with the local community.

63 - to recruit locally as a priority, particularly for our seasonal workers.

64 - to prefer short distribution circuits, by buying local produce.

65 - to help maintain the local business fabric, by preferring local service providers, producers, trades people and performers.

Commitment to employment - At VVF Villages, we promise:

66 - to be a responsible employer, with a view to developing our teams' motivation, involvement and skills.

67 - to have a genuine, clearly stated social and HR policy.

68 - to ensure good working conditions for the 2,300 seasonal workers of VVF Villages.

69 - to refuse all forms of discrimination in the hiring processes, particularly by encouraging the recruitment of people with disabilities.

70 - to offer all seasonal workers a permanent contract after nine months with us.

71 - to provide seasonal workers with social welfare protection between contracts.

72 - to pay close attention to gender parity and equal pay for men and women.

73 - to pay close attention to management and non-management staff distribution .

Commitment to training - At VVF Villages, we promise:

74 - to encourage the attainment of qualifications in VVF Villages' core skill areas, i.e. reception, accommodation, entertainment, food & beverage, maintenance and landscaping.

75 - to foster skills development among both permanent and seasonal staff, through in- and out-of-season training plans.

76 - to develop the use of vocational training and apprenticeship contracts.

77 - to recognise skills and know-how through mentoring and accreditation of prior experience and learning.

78 - to welcome trainees and teach them our skills.

Commitment to socially responsible development - At VVF Villages, we promise:

79 - to act responsibly as a company, in all areas.

80 - to select suppliers based on their employment policies and commitment to sustainability.

81 - to implement a responsible buying policy (FSC, green printing, recycled IT equipment).

82 - to respect the environment as much as possible at each holiday rentals.

83 - to pay careful attention to building practices and locations.

84 - to incorporate environmental recommendations into all building and renovation work.

85 - to effectively consider environmental issues, by studying all alternative building materials and electrical appliances.

86 - to identify and share our holiday rentals’ good practices through our company training events.

87 - to share these practices with our partners (local representatives, public decision-makers, service providers, suppliers, buying groups, etc.).

88 - to inform our holidaymakers of these practices too.

Commitment to protecting the planet - At VVF Villages, we promise:

89 - to encourage parents and children to walk and cycle in and around our holiday rentals.

90 - to host 'Wildlife' events at vulnerable sites, in association with environmental protection organisations (e.g. bird protection society).

91 - to organise a national sustainable development day, with specific initiatives (clean beach initiative, drawing contest, land art, etc.).

92 - to contribute to the protection of natural resources and biodiversity, through sustainable holiday rental management.

93 - to promote destinations by focusing on their environmentally-friendly characteristics (efficient heating in Saales, introduction to ecotourism in Ayen, etc.).

94 - to re-use rain water to water gardens, clean patios and wash bicycles.

95 - to equip all sites with composting bins to reduce waste and produce soil fertiliser.

96 - to fit all taps with water-saving devices.

97 - to use energy-efficient light bulbs.

98 - to equip holiday rentals with electric service carts.

99 - to use recouped materials for craft activities in kids clubs.

100 - to set the example at VVF Villages headquarters, by efficient use of water, printing on used paper, etc.

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