Our social model

VVF Villages: an original economic model

To this day, VVF Villages is an association governed by the Act of 1901 and operates pursuant to an original economic model based on the contributions of its stakeholders:

  • the Mayors of the municipalities that own our holiday rentals
  • our partners in promoting social actions

Over 50% of our guests receive assistance, in particular through the works councils of some of France’s largest companies (Michelin, Ministry of Finance, the Hospital Social Works Management Committee, etc.).

  • various sports and recreation federations 

Through its partnerships with major sport federations (Cycle Touring, Hiking, Physical Education and Non-Competitive Sports, etc.) and cultural federations (League for the Protection of Birds, etc.), VVF Villages offers its guests the opportunity to take part in original and quality activities.

Paul Reynal, Chairman of VVF Villages

M Paul Reynal

Paul Reynal, 63 years of age, has been the Mayor of the holiday rental of Ayen, in Corrèze, since 1995, and is a former Regional Councillor for the Limousin region. He likes to say that Ayen is pure happiness, the ideal place to recharge one’s batteries and enjoy all that nature has to offer. This dedicated man has been particularly active in the sustainable development initiative. The holiday rental of Ayen, which has received the “Agenda 21 National” and “Sustainable Development Ribbons” seals of approval, was also recently rewarded with the “Ovation Trophy” awarded by the Green Resorts Federation. After a career as a veterinary surgeon, Paul Reynal, as Mayor of a municipality that owns a VVF Villages property, became the Chairman of VVF Villages in October 2007. In addition, he is a director of the National Association of Listed Resorts and Tourist Communities.

AVEC: VVF Villages’ national association of holiday villages, elected officials and municipalities

The AVEC association includes the Mayors, MPs, Senators and communal Presidents of the municipalities that own the holiday rentals managed by VVF Villages and serves as a forum for joint discussion on:

  • best practices to be adopted by all parties, and
  • the resources required to strengthen the pertinence of VVF Villages in the local areas’ tourism offer. 

VVF Villages is also a partner of the “Family Plus” and “Green Holiday Resorts” seals of approval, and of the “National Association of Mayors of Listed Resorts and Tourist Communities”.

Famille Plus (Family Plus)
Station Verte (Green Holidat Resorts)
AMSC (National Association of Mayors of Listed Resorts and Tourist Communities)

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