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VVF Villages places importance on seasonal staff since it represents almost 65% of full-time equivalents.

This recognition of seasonal staff is characterized by:

  • A guarantee for all seasonal workers to benefit from good working conditions, enabling them to dedicate themselves thoroughly to their job (especially the respect of working and resting times, training).
  • A commitment against the casualisation of labour by the implementation of devices enabling all seasonal workers to become"seasonal occupants" after eight months spent at VVF Villages and there by get access to the same rights and duties as permanent employees: 13thmonth, seniority, salary continuation, discounts on stays ... Just to let you know, the collective labour agreement of Social and Family Tourism which administrates working relationships usually expects these commitments after12 months. VVF Villages is a pioneer since it is the only employer of the field going in this direction.
  • Similarly,every seasonal worker having completed two consecutive seasons in the same holiday rental and on the same job benefits from the automatic renewal of his employment contract for the next season. Thus,VVF Villages promotes seasonal staff loyalty.
  • Guarantees of social protection by the implementation of an employees coverage as soon as a seasonal worker becomes« occupant ». For your information, once more VVF Villages is aninnovator since it is the only employer of the field to enable its seasonal staff to subscribe to its annual complementary health insurance including the employer contributions and outside of the contract.
  • A guarantee of non-discrimination in hiring. All our recruitments, both internally and externally, involve diversity and reject all types of discrimination.

 Discover our recruitment webpage



VVF Villages permanent employees constitute the basis and the resource of the Association. To preserve it, the management of this human capital is exercised in a spirit of sharing and listening. This spirit is materialized:

  • By the male/femaleparity, the remuneration or the equality between genders respected inside the staff.
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 Discover our recruitment webpage

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